To provide effective services that build, restore, and maintain families


Raising a family today is hard work, but no family is without hope.

The welfare of any child is inseparable from the functioning of the family and from the relationships to larger social systems.

Through counseling, education, and support families can learn to solve their problems and lessen their chances of having a child placed out of their home.
Family Preservation Social Workers intervene with the family and the systems to which that family belongs – educational, legal, medical, and others.


Home Visits
Family Assessment
Goal Planning
Supervised Visitation
Crisis Intervention
Community Referrals and Follow Up
Service Coordination
Transportation Assistance

Counseling Offered

Communication Skills
Parenting Skills
Child Development
Support Systems
Problem Solving
Interpersonal Relationships
Resource Management
School Problems


“Our social worker was great. She helped us a lot.”

“The material she guided us through is a great asset to our home.”

“She was a tremendous help and support through all of this.”

“She never made me feel like she was judging me.”
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