To provide parents with in-home, one-on-one services that help them solve the problems affecting their families.


The Network is a partnership with SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) that offers parents free help with situations that are interfering with their ability to manage their families.

Some of the reasons parents call the Network are:

  •  Housing crises, pending evictions, homelessness.
  •  Ongoing transportation problems that put employment and/or schooling at risk.
  • Family members are experiencing mental health problems.
  • Parents are overwhelmed and are having difficulty managing their children and home.
  • Children in crisis because of parents’ job loss, death in family or divorce.
  • Domestic violence situations.
  • Children with ongoing truancy and behavior problems, which affect the entire family.
  • Children who are reported to be unsupervised.


For more information on this free program, please call Liz at 260-824-8574 or 1-800-752-7116 and ask the operator for the Network.