To provide a safe, structured and educational environment for Wells County students in grades 6 – 12, as an alternative to traditional out-of-school suspensions.

  • Students are able to complete their school work and not fall behind
  • Students remain in a supervised, structured and supportive environment
  • Students receive grades for work completed
Classroom Structure:
  • Zero tolerance policies are strictly enforced
  • Completion of all school assignments is the highest priority
  • Reflection on suspension and life skills activities are required
  • Community service opportunities are offered to students who are current on all school work.

SOS runs each school day from 7:45 – 2:30.

SOS works in cooperation with Bluffton-Harrison, Northern Wells, Southern Wells, and Wells County Alternative Schools.


For more information, contact  Sarah Schwartz at (260) 824-0749 or email  sschwartz@fcs-inc.net.