Established to provide a diversion program that holds first-time juvenile offenders accountable for their actions, while reducing the caseload of local courts and probation officers.

  • Provides education, training, and “hands-on” participation for youth volunteers which compliments their formal education and promotes respect for the rule of law.
  • Holds the juveniles accountable for their actions while reducing the caseload of local courts and probation officers.
  • Increased appreciation for the legal system by both offenders and volunteers.
  • A jury of peers decides an appropriate and constructive disposition for the juvenile consisting of a combination of community service, restitution, verbal/written apologies, essays, educational opportunities, and future Teen Court jury service.
  • Wells County students (grades 6 – 12) receive training and serve as clerk, bailiff, jury, prosecuting attorney, and defense attorney for Teen Court hearings.
  • The process takes advantage of one of the most powerful forces in the life of an adolescent – the desire for peer approval and the reaction to peer pressure.
  • Local adult attorneys volunteer their time to serve as Teen Court judge.
  • Teen Court volunteers not only learn how the justice system works from a hands-on perspective, they also help make the community a better place by actively responding to juvenile crime!

Volunteer Application
Indiana State Teen Court  Association

To receive more information about the program or to become a volunteer, please contact Angie, the Teen Court Coordinator at: 260.824.8574 or adial@fcs-inc.net

To learn about youth courts around the United States, visit the National Youth Court Center at www.youthcourt.net.