To inspire and instill excellence in youth through the provision of grants, written and approved by youth, for the purpose of community improvement.

  • YAR recognizes youth as valuable community resources.
  • Partnering youth with adults is an engaging way to bring about positive community change.
  • Inspires excellence in young people who develop lifelong habits of philanthropic action.
Who is involved?
  • Students from Bluffton, Norwell, Southern Wells and the Wells County Alternative School serve as YAR board members.
  • Adults such as school teachers, parents, community development agents, philanthropists, law enforcement, and business people also serve on the board.
  • Any Wells County youth group (with adult supervision) can apply for a YAR grant to help fund their community service project.
  • YAR board members gain fundraising experience.
  • Youth group members learn life-long skills. Responsibilities include: assessing a need, developing the project plan, submitting and presenting the plan to the YAR Advisory Board, implementing the project, maintaining financial accountability for the grant monies, evaluating the service, and celebrating the success.
  • Through these projects, whose costs are modest, young people in classrooms, neighborhood centers, youth organizations, community foundations, and clubs tackle a range of social issues that concern them – from health, housing, education, and the environment to drug abuse, gangs, illiteracy, and crime.

To receive a grant proposal or to receive more information on how to share your time or contributions, please contact Angie at: 260.824.8574 or adial@fcs-inc.net

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