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Car Seat Connection

An education and car seat distribution program. Available only to Wells County residents.


CAR CRASHES - A leading cause of death among children in the US
4 OUT OF 5 - Car seats are not properly installed
82% - Car seats reduce the risk of injury by 71-82% compared to children in seat belts alone

The mission of Car Seat Connection is to keep children safe. This is accomplished through educating parents how to properly install and use child safety seats.

  • A referral from a community agency is encouraged, but not required.
  • A Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will install the car seat and train participants on proper usage.
  • Car Seat Connection will provide a child safety seat for families in need.

Thank you to the Wells County Health Services Foundation Auxiliary and ICJI for providing funding for child safety seats.

Program Contact

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the program, please contact the Program Coordinator below:
Emily Wyatt
Community resources for families and youth

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