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Families in Transition

An educational course for divorcing parents designed to minimize the impact on their children.


To help parents understand the importance of working together to minimize the impact of divorce on their children.
  • Court-mandated parenting class in both Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana.
  • All parents of minor children are required to complete this class before their divorce is finalized.
  • Two separate 2-hour sessions that focus on ways parents can reduce the effects of the divorce on children, as well as understand their own feelings of loss and grief.
  • Parents are not required to attend together, but they must both complete their classes.
  • Cost is $80 per participant.
  • Does not interfere in any way with the parents’ efforts to dissolve their marriage or to separate.

download a 2024 schedule

Wells County Class Schedule (PDF)Adams County Class Schedule (PDF)

Program Contact

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the program, please contact the Program Coordinator below:
Emily Wyatt
Community resources for divorced families near me
Community resources for families and youth

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